The price of grillz (2023)

To achieve the highest quality and avoid any costly errors, it’s imperative to collaborate with a diamond setter who has specialized knowledge in working with grillz. This guarantees that the diamonds are fixed securely and prevents them from falling out, resulting in grillzs that look as desired. Frequently, people inquire “How much do grillz cost?” Unfortunately, there is no easy solution because the cost of each set of grillz, or gold teeth, differs. The cost of labour, the design, the quantity and quality of diamonds or other jewels used, and the purity of the metal all affect the price of grillz.


Shop all custom grills for less than $1,000 at diamond grills.

A solid gold tooth produced of 10 carat gold costs around $225, whereas a set of 8 teeth costs $895, or little more than $110 per tooth.

Some people, like renowned rapper Quavo, had their grillz customized to include personalised diamond grillz, which is at the highest end of the grillzs pricing spectrum. The infamous diamond grillzs worn by Quavo are fashioned by hand with stones that are invisible-set VVS baguette.
When you buy from a higher-end maker, the typical bottom 6 grillz fashioned in 10 carat gold normally cost between $700 and $800.
Even more frequently than the stock market, the price of gold fluctuates. As a result, the price of the raw material needed to make grillz, gold, changes every day, causing the price of grillz to shift as well.

When picking your set of grillz, you have a huge variety of alternatives.

These gold tooth choices consist of:

  • Object Purity (10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, 22k gold)
  • Color: Gold (Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold)
  • prolonged fangs
  • sliced diamonds
  • Diamante sand
  • Deep slashes on an open face
  • pair of real diamonds

The cost of your grillz will be directly impacted by each of these choices. A bottom 6 iced out with VVS diamonds will cost far more than a simple solid gold pair of fangs.

Cost of Custom Grillz

When it is time for you to purchase a set of custom grillz, it is important to choose a trustworthy vendor. The process of creating custom gold teeth requires specific techniques and experience that can only be acquired through practice. It is not ideal to save money on a pair of grillz only to discover they do not fit properly on your teeth. In such a case, you would have spent a significant amount of money on a pair of grillz that cannot be worn due to poor fitting. Luxe Grillzs takes great pride in utilising the best materials to personally craft each grill for each customer as a premium manufacturer.

We know that purchasing grillzs or jewellery can be an exciting but expensive experience, so we are here to provide you with the dependable customer care you require to feel at ease when you are ready to make a purchase. When you are prepared to get your set of custom grillz, it is crucial that you consult with a gold teeth specialist because they are luxury products.

Our 10k solid gold fangs start at $345,

and our bespoke grillz choices start at $225 for a single gold tooth. We do not sell pre-made “costume-style” grillz or grillzs that have been gold-plated. For our personalised grillz, we exclusively employ precious metals; we don’t have any stainless steel.

If, after reading this, you are still interested in knowing “How much do grillz cost?” visit our Grillz goods page and look through our selection of conventional solid gold teeth. Keep in mind that we custom-make your grillzs to fit your teeth. In order for you to take an imprint of your teeth, we will ship you a mould kit. Our in-house team of gold casters will start working on your personalised gold teeth once you ship us back your tooth mould. The grillzs will be custom-made to fit your grin once they are finished.

Please get in touch with us if you have any design suggestions because we can create custom grills. Anything you are interested in having created, please let us know.

How Much Do Grillz Cost?

If you’re curious about grillz’s price, read on. You are not alone yourself. Customers who are interested in gold teeth, or “gold slugs” or “gold fronts,” as they are often known, usually ask us this question.

There are several grillz producers who provide knockoffs or pre-made grillz for less than $50. These grillzs are generally made of plastic or occasionally have stainless steel that has been gold-plated around them. This implies that since the pre-made grillz will be one size fits all, you won’t need to bother about having a professional mould taken. These pre-made grillzs are not in high demand because they are often utilised for costume/Halloween events.

The cost of a custom grillz is totally determined by the number of teeth,

the quality of the gold, if you want to add diamonds or other gemstones, and additional finishing choices like deep cut and diamond dust.

Gold grillz that are high-quality and personalised cost between $200 and $250 when ordered for a single tooth. The price per tooth usually decreases when ordering grillz with more teeth. Bottom 6 grillzs are available for $745 in solid 10K gold, and for an upgrade to 14K gold, we charge $945.
We can also do that if you’d want to adorn your grin with diamonds. With a focus on grillz and other jewellery pieces with diamonds and other rare gemstones set in them, we have in-house wholesale diamond buyers.Visit our customise your grillzs page if you still have questions about “How much are grillz?” and would like a quote; we will send one to you right away.

How much does Gold Grillz cost?

Before deciding to purchase a solid gold set of teeth, most people are probably curious to know “ What is the price of gold grillz?” Gold grillz pricing depends on the gold purity you wish to go with. Options include 10karat, 14karat, 18karat. High quality custom gold grillzs start at around $150 – $250 per tooth, and the price per tooth typically decreases the more teeth you purchase.

The cost of solid gold grillz is based on both the gold used in making the teeth and on the labour required to create them. Grillz are made through a multi-step process that takes years to perfect. Casting grillzs requires expert equipment and materials in addition to labor and gold. For a set of grillz, the slightest error can cost you a significant sum of money for teeth that cannot be worn because they were made improperly or because the makers did not know how to build them. If they fit correctly, that’s what you want. Avoid this by working with a professional grillzs when you are ready to improve your smile.

For a single tooth made of solid gold,

10 carat grillz start at $225, while 14 karat single tooth grillzs cost $295. If you have any special requests, we would be delighted to create a bespoke set of grillz for you. We offer a variety of various gold tooth alternatives.

The solid gold bottom 6 and the solid gold k9 fangs are the two grillz that are most frequently acquired nowadays. For the k9 fangs and the bottom six, we have alternatives in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

Other well-liked grillz include the solid gold bridge grill, which consists of two solid gold fangs connected by a bridge that spans the tops of the teeth. This grill has occasionally been seen on celebrities like Miley Cyrus.

We strive to give you the best possible customer service and products, and all of our grillzs are made to order in Los Angeles to precisely fit your teeth.

What is the price of Diamond Grillz?

The number of musicians, sportsmen, influencers, and celebrities sporting diamond grillz has skyrocketed over the last couple of years. Artists like Quavo, sportsmen like Ryan Lochte, and many more have displayed their diamond grins, and it appears that the patterns are just getting more elaborate. The Tekashi 69 rainbow style grillz are impossible to ignore. Both a rainbow set of ceramic grillz and a rainbow set covered with diamonds and valuable colored stones belong to Tekashi 69.

Many people are curious about the cost of diamond grillz, as more celebrities have started to enhance their smiles with them. The price of diamond grillz depends on the quality of the diamonds used and the level of craftsmanship required to set them. The process of making diamond grillz is similar to that of solid gold grillz, but manufacturers typically make gold grillz thicker to accommodate the addition of diamonds and other gemstones. If the grillz are not thick enough, the diamonds may become loose and fall out over time. You most definitely do not want this to occur.

When buying a set of grillz diamond,you must specify whether you want to use 10 carat, 14 karat, or 18 karat gold. It is normally advised to use 14- or 18-karat gold for settings diamonds are better grade gold adds a more luminous brilliance. However, even if you choose 10 karat, you ought to be very pleased with the final product.
You must determine the kind of diamonds you want to use in order to create an iced out grillz. If you place your grillzs side by side, most people will notice that diamond clarity plays a significant role in the price. I will give

Only roughly 2% of all stones are classified as FL (Flawless).

Small surface flaws that can only be seen with a 10x magnification tool qualify as “IF” (Internally Flawless).
During a 10K microscope search, skilled experts can usually only see VVS1/VVS2s (Very Very Small Inclusions).

Minor faults that cannot be seen with the naked eye are classified as VS1/VS2 (Very Slight Inclusions). need a magnifying lens to see.
Slight Inclusions (SI1/SI2): Minor faults that might be seen with the unaided eye.
Visibly defective to the untrained eye, according to I1 (inclusions to 1st Degree).
Usually, smaller diamonds are utilised to cover the whole surface of each tooth while creating iced out grillz. Most customers opt for SI, VS, or VVS stones.

A VVS stone will have a different luster and pricing than an SI stone.

Added brilliant-cut SI clarity diamonds to a 14 karat gold tooth will cost $1,075 for instance. An VS+ diamond would cost $1,335 on a 14-karat gold tooth; a VVS diamond would cost approximately $2,235.

Choosing your diamond’s form is an additional choice when selecting your diamond grillz. Brilliant round cut diamonds are used to make the majority of common diamond grillz. The princess cut, cushion cut, marquis cut, or a number of other other diamond cuts can also be used to create grillz. The final cost of your diamond grillz will also depend on the diamond’s cut.

The majority of diamond grillz use a prong setting method to secure the diamonds. In this method, the gemstone is held in place by a prong that resembles a tiny metal claw. The prong increases the amount of light that strikes the gemstone from different angles, creating a lovely shining appearance. On diamond grillz, invisible setting is an alternative to prong setting. To get the best quality grillzs that looks as good as you had hoped and avoid costly mistakes, work with an expert diamond setter, who have the expertise and knowledge in positioning and setting the diamonds securely. Quavo reportedly paid $250,000 for a pair of invisible cut diamond grillzs that he owns.

Even more significant and sometimes more expensive

than the diamonds themselves is the diamond setting. To ensure the best quality and avoid costly mistakes, it’s essential to work with a diamond setter who has expertise in working on grillz. This will ensure that the diamonds are securely positioned and set, preventing them from falling out and ensuring that the grillzs look as good as you had hoped.

There is a justification for the high price of diamond grillz. Because they require a skilled diamond-setter to use the best materials, diamond grillz are as expensive as they are because you want them done properly. You can only guarantee yourself that way that you will obtain the finest outcome imaginable.

If you still have questions regarding “How much are diamond grillz?” or anything else after reading this, kindly give us a call. We would love to hear from you.
Any custom grillz ideas you may have are welcome, and we will work with you to make them a reality. Our work has involved the use of several rare materials and gemstones, including enamel, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and many more.


What does getting a grill for your teeth cost?

A basic barbecue set can range in price from $100 to $500, but a fully-featured one could cost millions of dollars. The cost of a single tooth grillz can vary between $2,700 and $5,000, depending on factors such as the shape of the tooth and the amount of gold used. None (if yours is, you should delete it immediately) (if yours is, you should remove it immediately).

Can grillz do damage to your teeth?

Grillz are not recommended since they might harm your oral health and cleanliness. You can be more prone to tooth decay and gum disease if you wear Grillz. This is because bacterial plaque may be trapped between them and the tooth’s surface.

What are the highest and lowest pricing at Grillz?

When purchasing a single tooth grillz made of high-quality gold, the cost usually ranges from $200 to $250. However, the cost per tooth is often lower when ordering grillz with multiple teeth. For example, the price of the bottom six teeth grillz in solid 10K gold is $745, and upgrading to 14K gold will cost $945.

What is the cost of a VVS grill?

Manufacturers typically charge $2,235 for single-tooth VVS diamond grills, with bottom 8 VVS diamonds selling for far over $16,445

What is Lil Wayne’s dental condition?

Dr. Rudd told MTV News on Wednesday that “He probably has a terrible tooth, a tooth that’s abscessed” (February 10). Given the numerous fissures and the amount of [gold and diamond particles] in his mouth, cleaning will be quite challenging.

What are VVS teeth worth?

Diamond Grillz costs how much per tooth?

Diamond Grade a single tooth’s cost

SI Clarity G-Color $925

VS+ Clarity G-Color $1,265

VVS Clarity D-Color $2,235

Can you wear grillz all day?

There are now no studies proving grills are bad for the mouth, but there are also none proving grills are safe to use over the long term. Some grills include non-precious (base) metals that might irritate skin or trigger metal allergies.

Can you use grillzs to smoke?

These grillzs are genuine gold, therefore they shouldn’t ever change colour. So, yes, you can smoke while wearing them.

Can dentists perform grills?

Although it’s the newest style in dental wear, the harm it may cause to your smile is everything but hip. Hip hop musicians created dental grills, a decorative tooth covering made of metal and occasionally set with jewels, in the early 1980s. Fronts, often known as grills, are detachable and cover the front teeth.

Can grills be taken off?

Grills, which are often referred to as “fronts,” are typically detachable, although some users have had their teeth modified with gold crowns to look like a grill permanently.

Are grills a permanent fixture?

While most grills are removable, others may be cemented to the teeth permanently. They are made of various metals (often silver, gold, or platinum) and may have precious stones inlay.

How do I put on grillz?

A How-To Video for Molding and Fitting Your Grillz

How much does a 14K grill cost?

You may be certain that those bespoke gold grillzs won’t fade or tarnish because they are solidly fashioned of 10K, 14K, or 18K gold. Generally speaking, 14K and 18K Gold Grillzs range in price from $200 to $1800 and above.

Does 10K gold work well for grills?

10k pure gold is typically regarded as an excellent choice for bespoke gold grillz. The gold content increases with the K number. 41.7% of 10K gold is pure gold (10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy).

How much does a gold tooth cost?

Without insurance, a gold crown might cost $2,500, while a regular crown may cost between $800 and $1,500. About half of the total operation cost can be reimbursed by insurance. The expense of crowns is partially or entirely covered by several dental insurance policies.

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