Is Fansly the Best Website for Creators vs OnlyFans?

In recent years, especially if you’ve been looking for methods to make money online, you’ve definitely heard of the website Fansly more than a few times. Since Fansly’s popularity has skyrocketed, you may be wondering what it is. And is it possible to earn money using the website?
When OnlyFans decided to prohibit sexually explicit content, they caused chaos online. As influencers and producers scrambled to identify substitute platforms as a result of the decision, Fansly emerged as one in the most well-liked options.

According to Fansly, they received 4,000 applications every hour throughout the summer of 2021, which greatly backed up their support team.
Since we are now receiving 4000 applications per hour, we are working round-the-clock to validate creators. Applications are now around a day behind, and support tickets are substantially further behind. Increasing our workforce to manage the traffic is our primary objective at the moment. Be patient, please.

In response to criticism, the decision to exclude sexual content on the OnlyFans site was promptly changed. However, many sex workers and content producers continued to use Fansly to expand their fan networks and generate income online.

Fansley is what?

Fansly is a subscription-based platform allowing creators to sell material (films, photographs, etc.) and profit from their fan base, similar to OnlyFans and LoyalFans.
Makers and influencers in various categories are allowed to utilise Fansly, even though it predominantly serves adult content creators and NSFW (not appropriate for work) content. The owner of the fan site is Select Media LLC, a Maryland corporation with registered offices in Baltimore.

How Do Fansly Function?

Fansly functions similarly to other well-known websites like LoyalFans or OnlyFans. Fanlsy also provides creators with added tools and a variety of monetization options to help them expand their companies.

Public Postings

Fansly does not provide free access, in contrast to similar platforms. Before they take out their wallets and buy a membership, fans may, however, follow an artist on their fanslys page for free. For their paid material, authors may thus utilise the public post option as a trailer.
Emojis may be used to cover particular areas of photos on Fansly, and fans can pay to remove them. Emoji-containing material and completely free content can be used in a well-balanced mix.

Premium Material 

Any live or uploaded material that requires a subscription to view is considered premium content. The following forms of material can be sold to earn money for creators.:

  • Fans may access your material through subscriptions, which results in recurrent money. For instance, if you charge $5 for your membership and 10 people join up, you will receive $50 each month.
  • Custom content: You may generate posts or videos at your followers’ requests; you can charge them in the shape of tips.
  • Private Chats – For a fee, your admirers may message you directly on the site in a DM and have a conversation.

Extraordinary Fansly Features


Fansly gives producers the ability to automatically apply watermarks to any content they post to the Fansly network, assisting them in deterring content pirates.

Subscriber Tiers

Fansly also gives you the ability to provide your subscriber base a choice of several membership packages. You may set a price of $5, for instance, for 5–10 fresh pieces of static content. To get that and five other pieces of video material each month, users must subscribe to the $15 tier.


You may wish to completely restrict particular cities, nations, or areas when operating in the adult business. Geoblocking can help you avoid spam, keep your personal information secret, or prevent your relatives and friends from finding your Fansly profile.

Visit Page

Through the search bar and the explore page, users may browse the Fansly website. You don’t have to worry about generating traffic from other social networking sites since Fansly gives you the chance to be discovered naturally by new fans.

Peoplely App

You may use your smartphone to manage your Fansly account thanks to the mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. is the greatest part of Fanslys. Users can identify and interact with their favourite content producers more easily thanks to Fansly’s app, which also makes it simple for artists to connect with followers while on the go.

How to Register on Fansly

Making a Fansly account is not too difficult. You must first be 18 years old, present a government-issued identity document, such as a driver’s licence or passport, and submit information about a bank account.
Once you have this information ready, register on the Fanslys website and follow the on-screen instructions to create your profile. You must upload a clear photo of yourself holding the ID card you provided in order for us to confirm your identification.
You must next confirm the information for your bank account. Before you may start using Fansly as a creator, let Fansly between 24 and 48 hours to authorise your account.

Once your application has been accepted, you may choose your username, profile picture, and account description for your followers.
You must also establish the price for your material. Keep in mind that Fansly enables you to provide several membership tiers. Therefore, you have the choice to either establish a single, fixed price or to develop several packages and rates for each tier.

Is using Fansly Free?

Yes, using Fansly to sell your work and signing up are both completely free. Instead of charging a monthly fee, Fansly charges a 20% commission on all sales.

What Kind of Income Can You Expect From Fansly?

Your fan following, as well as the quantity and calibre of the information you provide, will have a significant impact on how much money you may make with Fansly.
According to Fansly, top creators make more than $10,000 each month. However, it will probably take a few months for your fan following to expand if you’re a new creative with no prior revenue stream. To drive traffic to your new website, be sure to advertise your profile, post frequently, and share your Fanslys page on your social network accounts.
It will be simpler for you to start making money if you’re currently an influencer earning money on OnlyFans or LoyalFans since you can utilise your current social network to generate visitors to your Fansly profile.

How Does Fansly Handle Payments?

Creators receive their revenue from Fansly less a 20% fee. Additionally, any chargeback may be subtracted from your revenues in accordance with their corporate policy. On its website, Fansly asserts that they (almost) always stand up for writers against chargebacks.
Creators can request prizes whenever they wish after meeting the $100 threshold.
Fans of Fanslys have two options for making purchases on the website: the option to create a digital wallet under their account.or use the majority of debit and credit cards.

The Referral Program’s Operation

The referral programme on Fansly is a terrific method to increase income. Each user is given their own unique Fanslys link, which they may use to invite followers, models, and creators to the Fansly website.
For the first 90 days, users receive 1% of what their referrals spend on Fansly. Additionally, users receive a 5% commission for a full year for any Fanslys artists they promote. Commissions are decreased to 1.5% for the rest of your life after the first year.

What Have Customers to Say?

Even if the platform is becoming more and more popular, it’s wise to choose where to post any kind of private stuff after doing your research.

Fansly routinely obtains contradictory online evaluations, much like the majority of disputed businesses.
In contrast to the stunning 79% unfavourable evaluations, 21% of the reviews on Trustpilot are positive.
On one Reddit post, though, many users are praising Fanslys.

How To Raise More Money From Fansly

These are some of the finest methods for new artists to make money on Fansly, whether you want to publish explicit or non-sexual content:

brand recognition To increase traffic to your Fanslys account, start establishing a social media presence on websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Use many websites:Don’t only depend on Fansly. Even while we advise starting with one platform, you should gradually spread it to different websites, such as OnlyFans, LoyalFans, Patreon, or other alternate fan sites.

Improve your side business: You might also consider blogging after you have a respectable following. You can attract qualified internet users with its assistance. In this method, you may make money blogging in addition to using subscription sites. Advertisements, affiliate marketing, and sponsored articles are a few methods to earn money.

Which Platform Is the Best to Use?

Fansly provides a reliable platform for online artists to generate money, whether you’re a cam girl searching for a new site to call home, you want to sell foot pictures, or you want to share beauty instructions. The particular features of several sites must be considered in order to determine which platform is ideal.

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