How to manually install iOS 13 on iPhone, iPad

iTunes can be quite useful. It allows for restoring an iPhone or iPad from a backup or performing a factory reset if the iOS device is frozen, locked, or unresponsive. However, there may be instances where iTunes fails to work or one simply wants to restore/reset their iPhone without using iTunes.

If you’re facing issues with iTunes restoring a disabled or locked iPhones, or unable to exit recovery/DFU mode, it’s likely due to error codes such as 3194, 4013, 4014, 9, or 51 that appear during the restoration process. Additionally, if you’re unable to retrieve an iTunes backup or simply require extracting specific contacts or photos, these difficulties can arise.

This post provides two solutions for restoring a disabled, frozen, or locked iPhones without iTunes. The first method explains how to reset an iPhones without iTunes, and the second method covers data recovery without iTunes. Both methods can be used with all models of iPhone including the 5s/SE/6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus/X, XS/XR/11, and all iPad models.

For restoring a disabled or locked iPhones without iTunes or password, or resetting a frozen or broken iPhone, refer to Part 1: Restore iOS to iPhones without iTunes, which includes a video tutorial.

For restoring iPhones data from backup without iTunes, see Part 2: Restore iPhone Data without iTunes.

Part 1: Restore iOS to iPhone without iTunes (With Video Tutorial)

If your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, or has become disabled due to entering an incorrect password too many times, a factory reset may be necessary. Usually, this would be done through iTunes. However, if iTunes is not working or encounters errors like 3194 or 4013/4014, there is an alternative way to reset your iPhones without using iTunes.

The Passvers iOS System Recovery offers a solution for resetting iPhones without the use of iTunes. It is capable of addressing various abnormal states and can perform the following actions:

  • Factory reset a locked iPhone without a password or iTunes
  • Restore an iPhones from recovery or suspended mode without iTunes
  • Unlock a frozen iPhone or fix a boot loop where the device keeps rebooting
  • To use the Passvers iOS System Recovery and fix your iPhone without iTunes, simply follow the provided steps.

Step 1. Download iOS System Recovery on PC/Mac

To obtain the iOS System Recovery for your PC or Mac, simply click the download button below. Once the program has been installed, launch it and choose the “iOS System Recovery” feature.

Step 2. Connect iPhone to computer

Connect your iPhone, whether it’s frozen or disabled, to the program. The program will automatically detect if your device is in an unusual state such as maintenance mode (recovery or DFU mode). If it is, click on the “Confirm” button to proceed. If your iPhone is disabled, instead, select the “Advanced Mode” option to move forward.

Step 3. Put iPhone in Recovery Mode/DFU Mode

Connect your iPhones to the program, regardless of whether it’s frozen or disabled. The software will detect if the device is in an unusual state, such as maintenance mode (recovery or DFU mode). If it is, simply click the “Confirm” button. On the other hand, if your iPhones is disabled, choose the “Advanced Mode” option to continue.

Step 4. Check your iPhone’s device information

Verify the name and model of your iPhone to ensure accuracy of all device information.

Step 5. Restore iPhone without iTunes

To initiate repair, the program will retrieve the suitable firmware based on the information you supply, and commence restoring your iPhone. For further guidance, refer to the video provided.

Your iOS system issue will soon be resolved without iTunes. However, it is important to note that if you use Advanced mode to restore a disabled iPhones, all your data will be wiped out, similar to the iTunes process. In contrast, if you opt for the standard mode to fix issues such as a stuck recovery mode, Apple logo, or black screen, your phone data will remain intact.

Part 2: Recover iPhone Data without iTunes

FonePaw iPhones Data Recovery can assist in retrieving crucial data, such as contacts, photos, videos, and SMS, that were mistakenly deleted from your iPhone. This tool can recover lost data directly from the device, even if there is no iTunes backup, or extract specific data from iCloud/iTunes backup. Additionally, it can recover various types of files from iCloud/iTunes backup in the event of water damage, breakage, theft, freezing, or locking of your iPhones. This software supports the latest iOS 13 and iOS 12, as well as other versions of iPhones and iPad models.

Step 1. Launch FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

To use the program, simply double-click on it after downloading and installing it on your PC. The interface should be as displayed below. Connect your iPhones to the computer using a USB cable. On the left side, choose the “Recover from iOS Device” option as the first recovery mode, then press “Start Scan.”

Step 2. Scan iPhone data on PC

The program will conduct an automatic scan of all data on an iPhone, and the scanning process can be paused or discontinued at any time.

Step 3. Preview and Recover iPhone Data

Upon completion of the scan, your iPhones files will be organized into various categories on the left side of the screen. To preview the details, simply select options such as “Recording,” “Videos,” “Contacts,” or “Notes.” Then, select the items you wish to retrieve and click the “Recover” button. This will restore and securely save the selected files to your PC.

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