How To Use A Short Code In Ghana To Play NLA Games

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) is Ghana’s main regulatory agency for all lottery operators. Numerous businesses operate lottery programmes in Ghana, but the NLA Games is the biggest of them all.


Lotto, as it is commonly known in Ghana, has been around for a while. Even while most people believe it to be a “get rich quick” scheme.

They also believe it to be a game with any number of possible outcomes because money is involved.


Many people have been betting on the lottery for a very long time with the intention of winning the largest reward and then giving up.

But as both you and I are aware, the likelihood that you will receive the substantial reward is extremely remote.


Either you embrace this change or risk falling behind as the world increasingly transitions from analogue to digital operations.

As a result, the NLA created a USSD shortcode so that people could play the lottery while lounging at home.


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1 What does NLA Shortcode mean?

2 Use of the NLA Shortcode for Lotto Staking

3 What NLA Games Are Currently Offered?

4 When are the NLA outcomes ready?

5 How to use a smartphone to check NLA results

6 NLA forecasts

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What does NLA Shortcode mean?

The official NLA shortcode for playing the lottery in Ghana is *890# (formerly *959#), while there are other available ones as well.


Let’s look at how to use this shortcode to stake your next lottery now.


Use of the NLA Shortcode for Lotto Staking

  1. your smartphone’s dialer or the phone app on your feature phone.
  2. Enter *890# (formerly *959#) and send


Welcome to NLA 5/90.

             – –

    Select a gmae


             – – 

  1. Conditions and terms

Final draw results – 37,34,42,13,22

                9.Contact Us.


         Dismiss                 Reply


Pick a game by pressing 1 (the available games depend on the day)


                          Welcome to NLA 5/90


                                        – –

                            Choose a game

                         1.a good Tuesday (763) 


                                       – – 

                         9.Terms and condition

                 Final draw results -37,34,42,13,22,       



                      Dismiss                 Reply


Pick whichever option—Direct 1, Direct 3, 2-Sure, Banker, Perm-2—works best for you.



                                  – – 







7.Perm-3 Match 3 or more Numbers


  1. Banker

                                 – – 

  1. Back


                Dismiss                 Reply


Choose a number between 1 and 90 for the first spot, and repeat the process for the next ones (if applicable)


             First position by number

       Select 1 number between 1 – 90:

                           – – 

  1. Back


           Dismiss                 Reply


Enter the stake amount (GHS 1.00 – GHS 200.)



Put in your bet amount.

                 (GHS 1.00 -200.00):

                              – – 

  1. Bask  


              Dismiss                 Reply


Verify the information by reading through, then press 1 to proceed.



Your Lucky Tuesday Original ticket

                         Direct- 1

                 Your numbers: 1

                          – – 

  1. Confirm
  1. Back


         Dismiss                 Reply


Lucky Tuesday Original with your ticket


           a payment was started. You will quickly get

                 Prompt to validate the transaction  


                      Dismiss                 Reply


What NLA Games Are Currently Available?

The games on offer are:


  • on Mondays only
  • a good Tuesday
  • Midweek
  • Fortune Thursday
  • Friday Bonanza


When are the NLA outcomes ready?

NLA results are typically available every day at precisely 6:30 p.m. Results from the NLA Monday Special, NLA midweek, NLA lucky Tuesday, etc. are among the outcomes.


How to use your phone to check your NLA results

Every day at precisely 6:30 p.mThe draws are finished for the day, and the results are announced.


If you won, a notification letting you know that you have won will be emailed to you, or you can verify the results at the closest NLA-licensed store.


Additionally, the drawings for each day are visible when you visit the official NLA website.


NLA predictions

Unfortunately, we do not offer NLA games predictions



Gone were the days when you could not stake lotto without visiting the nearest lotto agent. Due to technological advancements, you can now do so and this article has explained how you go about doing this.


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