Ghana Post GPS Code For Obtaining A Digital Address in Ghana

The GhanaPost GPS simply distributes these addresses using technology.Ghana’s digital address code Every Ghanaian now needs to provide a post GPS address while completing forms in Ghana.

Individuals must now provide their digital addresses or GPS coordinates of their current location before their applications for Ghana Cards.

Processing of passports, government services, SIM card registration, and jobs can be done.

This post is for you if you still need to generate the GPS address of your current position but are unsure how to do so.

I’ll make an effort to explain things simply so that you can benefit from reading this post. When you are prepared, the start will be initiated.


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1 What is the GPS address or Digital Address Code for GhanaPost?

2 What distinguishes a GPS location from a digital address provided by GhanaPost?

3 How can I find my present location’s digital address code?

4 What does my digital address, for instance, GA-591-9130, mean?

5How can I recover my digital address if I lose it?

6 Benefits of having a digital address code from GhanaPostGPS

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What Is The GPS Address Or Digital Address Code For GhanaPost?

Every property measuring 5 by 5 square meters is given a digital address, also known as a unique address, through the GhanaPost GPS global addressing system.

The digital address of each place in Ghana includes every available square inch of land. Due to this addressing system.

Every piece of land in Ghana has a permanent address. Due to the Ghana Post GPS, almost 7.5 million homes in Ghana currently have distinctive addresses.


What Distinguishes A GPS Address From A Digital Address Issued By Ghana Post?

In any case, your digital address code for your position is the same as your GPS address code. The main distinction.

Notwithstanding their interchangeability, is that the digital address represents the precise location of your property.

The technology being used to distribute these addresses is simply known as the GhanaPost GPS.

How Can I Find My Present Location’s Ligital Address code?

5 minutes are needed.

  1. From the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store, download and instal GhanaPost GPS.


Open the application and agree to all the permissions to proceed.

Type in and check your phone number.

To continue, provide your name, birthday, and gender.

You can now use your Ghana Post account, congratulations.

Note: By tapping the skip button below, you can avoid registering.

Once your account is activated, you will be taken directly to the maps. Click Get Address to create your property’s digital address code.

Once the GPS address has been correctly generated, you can see the digital address code for your property at the bottom of the page. To store the location address, tap Save address.

Note: To ensure the app captures the right address for your property, kindly turn on location services on your Phone.

What Does My Digital Address, For Instance, GA-591-9130, Mean?

A digital address needs two things to function properly. The specific address of your property and the postcode (GA591) (9130).

The region is represented by the initial letter G. (Greater Accra). A, which is the district, is next (Ablekuma-North).

The next three numbers (591) represent your area code. The regional, district, and area codes (GA591) make up the area’s postcode.

The property’s distinctive address is represented by the last four (4) digits (9130).

How Can I Recover My Digital Address If I Forget It?

You must download the GhanaPost App, enter your location, and regenerate your digital address if you lose your digital address and want to retrieve it.

Benefits Of Having A Digital Address Code From GhanaPostGPS

Door-to-door delivery can be facilitated by utilizing the digital address entered on eCommerce websites.

When you place an online order, the delivery of the item right to your front door can be ensured if your GPS address is entered.

Your postal address can be created using your digital address as well.

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