Ghana 2023 MTN Mashup Bundle Code, Activations, And Offers

For employees who wish to access the web while receiving special call and SMS offers in Ghana, MTN Mashup has the best bundle offerings.

In Ghana, MTN Mashup has the best bundle options for employees who want to use the internet while also obtaining exclusive call and SMS discounts.

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1 Describe MTN Mashup

2 Code MTN Mashup

3 how to make your phone MTN Mishup-ready

4 MTN Mashup offers

5 How to look up your MTN mishup balance

6 How to turn off MTN pulse

7 When does MTN mashup end?

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Describe MTN Mashup

MTN mishup, also known as MTN pulse, is a community that MTN founded with the intention of providing exclusive discounts to young people and others who are still young at heart.

It is the only subscription service in Ghana that provides subscribers with reasonably priced access to data, phone, and SMS.

Some freebies you can get with  subscription include cheap calls, Free social media: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and free access to Wikipedia.

Code MTN Mashup

Dial the short code *567# to activate MTN Mishup and start enjoying it in Ghana.

Dial the MTN short number *567# to subscribe to MTN Pulse (MTN mishup), or activate MTN mishup on your own by following the on-screen instructions;

  1. Select a mashup for yourself or a mashup for other people.
  2. Put in *567# and send
  3. Select your deal (either call, data bundle or both)
  4. To finish the purchase of Your MTN pulse deal, follow the instructions.

MTN Mashup Offers

Different Mashup bundles from MTN are available at various price points. The daily mashup offer is activated by the GHS 1 offer.

The weekly mashup offer is activated by the GHS 5 offer, and the monthly mashup offer is activated by the GHS 10 offer.

Plan for MTN Fusion cost Mashup combinations Benefits
Daily mashup strategy GHS 1 1. 25 Mins and 25 MB

2. 20 min. and 30 MB

3. 15 min. and 35 MB

4. 50MB maximum

Free Wikipedia, free WhatsApp
Weekly mashup plan GHS 5 1. 125Mins & 125MB

2. 100Mins and 150MB

3. 50Mins and 200MB

4. 250MB

Free Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Wikipedia
monthly mashup plan GHS 10 1. 250Mins and 250MB

2. 200Mins and  300MB

3. 150Mins and 350MB

4. 500MB only

Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and WhatsApp are all free.

Also keep in mind that MTN pulse packages provide you the choice of a data bundle only, a voice only, or a combination of both.

How to check MTN mishup balance

Follow these instructions to check your MTN mishup balance:

  • Dial *567#
  • Choose option 99. (more)
  • Your mashup balance will be sent as an SMS to your phone by MTN.
  • Opt for option 6 (check mashup balance)

How To Stop MTN Pulse?

Sending STOP to the number 567 will turn off your MTN pulse on your phone.

When Does MTN Mishup End?

Yes, depending on how long your package has been active, your MTN mishup / pulse bundle will expire. You can choose whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly.

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