(Fix) Elden Ring isn’t working on Windows 10/11 PC (2023)

Several players are having issues with the Elden Ring. The error is present on compatible devices.

Such as Microsoft’s Windows PC, Sony’s PS4, and the Xbox Series X/One. The game developers and publishers keep releasing official fixes and patches.

To get rid of the errors. If you are still struggling with the issue, try the following solutions.

There is a problem with Elden Ring’s Multiplayer Mode.

Some of the most common reasons for having a terrible gaming experience are listed below.

  • There is a temporary bug in the game.
  • Bad Internet connection.
  • The drivers were out of date.
  • Games files have been corrupted.
  • The game server is going.
  • There is an outdated game client.

Before Fixing The Issue – 

Before we get into the solutions and learn how to fix them, we need to take a look at the basics. This is a major necessity.

To prevent Elden Ring issues from happening. There needs to be a stable Internet connection for both the players and the consoles.

The correct Multiplayer Password should be entered by both players. That is all you need to know.

You need to check for the following when you encounter the multi-player mode issue for the first time.

Switch to a wired configuration

Most of the time, restarting your internet router will save you from a lengthy procedure.

If your Elden Ring is still not working, we recommend you switch to a wired connection, which will fix all of your issues.

Check the Elden Ring Server

It is possible that the issue isn’t entirely your fault most online games, of course, encounter server issues occasionally.

One of the reasons for the Elden ring not working issue can be server issues or scheduled maintenance

This is when you won’t be able to play Elden Ring with other people. All you have to do is visit their website and check out the server and see if it is worth the trouble.

The following solutions can be used to solve the Elden Ring not responding issue.

The Elden Ring is not working. It’s time to fix it! (2023 Edition)

The below solutions can be used. To deal with the multiplayer not working Elden Ring issue.

Method 1 – Elden Ring’s network configuration needs to be improved

If your network isn’t configured correctly, it’s possible that Elden Ring isn’t working. Check the network settings on the Elden Ring.

1: From the game menu, choose the system option.

2: A Network settings window will appear after you click the Network button.

3: Select the launch setting and the online option.

Hopefully, this instantly fixes the issue of the “Elden Ring multiplayer problem” in no time.

Method 2 – It’s a good idea to change the password for the Multiplayer.

There is a feature in the Elden Ring that allows you to change your password. When playing with your friends, helps improve privacy.

This is an important step when your Elden Ring issue pops up.

1: Elden Ring’s game menu has a button called “Multiplayer”.

2: The “Y” key can be used to access the password area on the Xbox One or Series X. You need to hit the Triangle key if you are using a Sony console.

3: Unless you want your session to be exclusive to your friends, and not open to all the random players online, you shouldn’t use any password for the game.

If you want to remove the password, you need to remove the X key. The appropriate button is used if you are playing on a PS3.

Follow the next solution shared below if the issue persists.

Method 3 – Network drivers need to be updated

Network Drivers are an important part of connecting your PC to the internet. When network drivers are not up to date, the connection may be affected.

The impact on the gaming experience is being made. You should check the network drivers for the most recent version if you experience Elden Ring not working.

You can upgrade the network drivers with either manual or automatic methods.

It’s a manual method to update drivers.

You can manually update your driver using the Device Manager, which searches for the latest driver version.

1: To open the device manager, you need to use the Windows search bar. Click here to open the results.

2: If you want to see the listed drivers under the network adapter, you have to locate it from the list and move down to it.

3: To open properties, click the Network adapter that you selected.

4: Click on the button to update the driver.

5- From the window that appears on your computer, choose the first option, which is “search automatically for updated driver software”.

Automatic updates by Advanced Driver Updater

One of the most effective driver updater tools for Windows is the Advanced Driver Updater. There is a huge database of various drivers for your PC with this device driver updater.

It’s possible to use it to search for the latest versions of outdated drivers. All you have to do is download the updater to use this as the best tool.

Scan, download the driver and install it. Your work is completed. You can get a free trial of the advanced driver updater.

Following these steps, you can update Network Adapter drivers.

1– Click the download button to download Advanced Driver Updater. To start the installation, you need the setup files.

2– If you launch Advanced Driver Updater, the Scan will run automatically. Advanced Driver Updater will search your machine for outdated drivers.

3- Click on the Update driver button in front of the Network Adapter driver if you locate it in the list.

You can either update just the driver you need or all of your drivers with the registered version.

Automatic Driver Updater will help you run programs smoothly. It helps you to update drivers that are old. It’s one of the most effective ways.

Method 4 – The Elden Ring is being updated.

Follow the instructions below to update the game and get rid of any potential bugs that may cause Elden Ring to not work properly.

1: Click on the Elden Ring on Steam to select properties.

2: From the updates menu, choose one of the Auto-update choices.

If you have a problem with Elden Ring after the update, this trick can help.

Method 5 – Check the game’s files.

You can easily repair corrupted or missing game files with this workaround.

1: You can choose the properties from the right-click menu.

2: Go to the Local Files menu and select the verify integrity of game files button.

3: Once the process is complete, close the tab.

Try the next solution if none of the methods helped you.

Method 6 – You should Update your Windows.

There are a number of PC errors that can be caused by an outdated OS.

Update the operating system to the latest version to resolve the issue.

1: Go to Start Menu> settings> Update and security.

2: You can check for any pending updates by going to the right pane on the Windows Update Page. Click on it to go to the next page.

If there aren’t any updates waiting to be installed, click the Check for updates option.

There are a lot of Frequently Asked Questions about Elden Ring.

Q1. How do I make it possible to play on Elden Ring?

Both players need a stable internet connection to play on Elden Ring. To open the game menu, you have to scroll to the Multiplayer option.

All you need to do is select that option and enter the password.

Q2. Why can’t I join a friend in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is not a game that can be played on other platforms. On computers, Elden Ring doesn’t allow playing cross-platform on consoles.

PS4 players are privileged to play with PS5 players. Whereas Xbox One players can join anyone on Series X/S.

Q3. How long is the Elden Ring server down?

The Elder Ring server goes down for about an hour on all platforms when it undergoes maintenance.

If you are facing issues for longer hours, you should check the news or its social media platforms for more information.

Was it possible for you to fix Elden Ring Multiplayer Mode not responding?

There are difficulties in playing with other players online with Elden Ring’s Multiplayer Mode.

A known bug that has been annoying several players all over the world is the specific issue, so you are not alone.

All of the above methods will help you solve the problem of Elden Ring.

Updating all device drivers was a solution to the issue that we were trying to fix. We used the help of professional driver updating software to get the latest and most compatible driver versions.

We suggest you get it on your Windows PC and replace all the faulty drivers with new ones.

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