Explains how to fix the screen recording on the iPhone [2023 Guide]

If you want to record a short video with your friends, screen recording is a great feature on your iPhone.

One of the advantages over other phones is the in-built feature of recording the screen, which is built into the iPhone.

Sometimes screen recording on your device doesn’t work out as you were expecting.

What do you do when the screen recording on your iPhone isn’t working? If the recorded videos have no sound, what will happen?

Don’t worry, it’s ok! There is a way to fix it. We presented solutions to fix the screen recording on the iPhone.

There are a few Common Fixes To iPhone Screen Recording No Sound:

There are multiple reasons why we need to use screen recording on iPhones. If the recorded video doesn’t have a sound, then we might get stuck.

Screen recording with no sound is one of the basic solutions we need to try to fix the issue.

1. The microphone is checked.

The screen recording is working well, but the video has no sound, which is why we have to check the microphone.

To confirm if the microphone is on when the screen recording is happening, we need to go to the settings.

To fix the screen recording no sound issue, follow the steps to check for the microphone setting.

Step 1: Open Control Center.

Step 2: Locate the Screen Recorder in the Control Centre. Long Press on the Screen Recorder icon to get its settings displayed.

Step 3:  In the Screen recorder settings, you will see the Microphone sign at the bottom.

If it’s grayed out, you might want to take a look at the screen to see if there is a sound issue.

2. Check the app’s limitations.

If iPhone screen recording has no sound It can be because a few apps restrict the use of the same, if the screen recording has no sound in certain videos.

The screen recording won’t work with a video or music app playing the same sound at the same time.

Sometimes the screen recording won’t start at all, or the app will stop recording the screen.

3. The iPhone needs to be restarted.

It could be a glitch that can be fixed.  A simple restart if you’ve been using this feature all along.

If you want to restart your device, first press the Power button and then slide right to power off, and then press the button again.

Start the screen recording and see if it works now after restarting. A malfunction of the system features could be caused by a lot of apps running on the device.

4. The latest version has an update.

Every iOS update brings new bug fixes, and it might be time to update your phone if you haven’t already.

A bug related to audio recordings can be one of the reasons for the no sound issue on the screen.

It is recommended to check for the latest system updates and try to fix the issue of the screen recording not working properly.

To update your iPhone, launch Settings. Go to General> Software Update, and Turn on Automatic updates. If there is an update available, click on Download and Install.

5. Check for restrictions.

If your screen recording isn’t working, you need to check for the restrictions. You can’t see the recorder if you’re not able to see it.

If the Control Centre is enabled, go to the settings. Content & Privacy Restrictions> Content Restrictions> Screen Recording can be found under the screen time section.

The screen recording function can be used on the iPhone if you allow it.

6. In low power mode.

It’s possible that the low power mode is causing the screen recording to not work.

The low power mode on the iPhone has stopped certain functions from working. To start screen recording with the sound, you have to turn off the low power mode in the settings.

If you want to turn off the switch in front of Low Power Mode, you need to launch the Settings app.

Start screen recording again after this step, and you will be able to fix the iPhone screen recording with no sound issues.

7. Check The Storage:

It could be because of low storage space that the screen recording isn’t working. It can be a problem if the screen recorder fails. start or the recording is hampered without saving.

Go to Settings app> General> iPhone Storage.

Most of the space on your iPhone is taken up by unneeded duplicate photos.

You can use it to remove duplicate and similar photos from your iPhone and get more space.

8. Check settings to make sure.

All of the above methods will not be able to solve the screen recording issue on your iPhone. You have the ability to reset all settings.

Go to Settings app> General> Reset> Reset All Settings.

The screen recorder settings from the Control Centre should be checked after this. It’s necessary to have the microphone working to make the screen recording work.

If none of this helped, you must check with iPhone support to fix the screen recording.

Final Thoughts:

I hope the above methods are able to fix the screen recording on the phone. There is more than one app that’s available.

The best way to record the screen is with the built-in feature on the iPhone. If you have fixed your issue, you can learn how to record FaceTime calls.

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