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Brandon Eric Williams’ Son On September 30, 1954, in Santa Monica, California, actor and musician Barry Williams was born. Barry, the star of The Brady Bunch, decided to pursue a career in acting and singing because he knew he wanted to work in the entertainment industry.
Williams has seen significant success and notoriety since 1967. Finding his true love, though, took a long time. Before meeting his present spouse, Tina Mahina, Williams was married twice. They are content with their 2017 marriage.

Williams has gained attention, nevertheless, as a result of a contentious child support dispute. From his second marriage to Eila Mary Matt, he has a son named Brandon Eric Williams, and from his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Kennedy, he has a daughter named Samantha Rose Williams. We will talk more about Brandon Eric Williams, the son of Barry Williams, today.

Son of Barry Williams, Brandon Williams, Eric

As previously noted, Barry Williams, who plays Barry in the Mission: Impossible movies, was married before he met Tina Mahina, his soul mate. He had been married twice before, although he had no children from his first union with Diane Martin.

Brandon Eric Williams was born on January 24, 2003, to Williams’ second wife, a banker named Eila Mary Matt. Although it took the couple four years after their wedding to get their first kid, their marriage did not last.

Brandon currently resides with his mother and gets along well with his father. The son of Barry Williams has the same captivating ocean eyes and infectious smile as his father.

Williams’ son has been with him in a number of events despite being quite grounded. This demonstrates that the Adam-12 actor is involved in Brandon’s life and supportive of him. On July 9, 2017, Williams’ child attended his third wedding to Tina Mahina.

Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that Brandon Eric Williams, the son of Barry Williams, is leading a very balanced life with the help and encouragement of both his parents. He is definitely a nice guy, despite the fact that he is not very active on social media.

Brandon Parents of Eric Williams

As previously stated, Williams’ second marriage gave birth to Brandon. Barry and Eila Mary, his parents, were united in marriage on January 30, 1999, in New York. Despite being a well-known child star, Barry and Eila were able to maintain their privacy and so enjoyed a pleasant relationship out of sight.

But a few years after Brandon was born, everything changed. Although being a parent is a blessing, it also carries a lot of stress. Therefore, it strains a relationship when a couple is unable to withstand the stress and adjust to the change.

Exactly two years after giving birth to their lone child in 2005, Barry Williams’ ex-wife filed for divorce.

Mother of Brandon Eric Williams requested sole custody.

Being famous may occasionally be draining since everyone wants to know every detail of your life. As a result, information that you want to keep secret will inevitably surface.

As indicated, Barry Williams’ ex-partner wanted sole custody of their kid when she filed for divorce two years after the birth of their son, Brandon. Williams’ ex-wife preserves her privacy, but over time, the story made headlines.

In addition to requesting exclusive custody, Brandon’s mother also argued that her ex-husband should only visit when a nanny was present. However, it appears like everything went smoothly, and the father-son team appears to have a close relationship.

The Meaning of Names 

The name Brandon is of Irish origin and signifies courageous or prince.


Has actor Barry Williams ever had kids?

Barry Williams

Is Brady Bunch actor Barry Williams wed?

Barry Williams

What is Barry Williams’ age?

68 years (30 September 1954)

How much money did the kids from The Brady Bunch make?

At the height of the show’s production, each young actor was paid $1,100 a week. The success of the show’s continuous syndication does not considerably benefit the cast members.

What was the real name of Peter Brady?

In “Dinner at Five,” Chris Knight, who plays Peter Brady from “The Brady Bunch,” is joined by a diverse group. Despite only having five seasons and ending in 1974, “The Brady Bunch” has become one of the most recognisable and adored TV families thanks to its appeal in reruns.

On the programme, did Greg and Marcia date?

  1. Greg and Marcia are not visible. Williams has said that from the very beginning, he had feelings for Maureen McCormick, who played his sister Marcia. She was just 12 and he was 14 when the show started filming, so their relationship didn’t start for a while.

Barry and Maureen dated at some point?

The programme was a mainstay in its era, and one of the rumours that developed while it was being produced persisted for years after it ended. Currently, we know that Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick dated covertly for 39 years before disclosing their relationship.

Who from the cast of The Brady Bunch dated who?

There were actual connections on “The Brady Bunch”
The majority of people are aware that McCormick and Williams, who were the eldest child actors on set and were only two years apart in age, had a romance.

How much money does Greg Brady make?

Full Name Greg Brady
Job type Journalism
Famous Name Greg Brady (broadcaster)
Net Worth $4 million
Nationality Canadian

What is Bobby Brady’s market value?

American actor Mike Lookinland has a $2 million dollar net worth. Lookinland, who is best remembered for playing Bobby Brady on the ABC sitcom “The Brady Bunch” (1969–1974), started his acting career in commercials and by the time he was in elementary school had a pretty strong portfolio.

What year is Marcia Brady?

ade peace with her place as a TV icon.
Marcia Brady has reached adulthood. McCormick, who is now 65, has been married to actor Michael Cummings since 1985. Their only child is Natalie Cummings, 32.

Who of the Brady Kids is the richest?

Worth of Christopher Knight
Knight made multiple TV and movie appearances. He started his own TV tuner business and also worked in the computer industry. The actor is currently wed to Cara Kokenes, his fourth wife. He reportedly has a $10 million estimated net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Did the Brady Bunch father detest his appearance on the programme?

The sitcom’s creator experienced tension from Reed right away since he was aware that the actor didn’t respect Schwartz’s earlier comedy. In the 2010 publication Brady, Brady, Brady: The Complete Story of the Brady Bunch, Schwartz noted that “Bob Reed was cautious about the series from the very beginning of filming.”

Who among the Bradys is the richest?

$10 million net worth
Gender: Male
Size: 5 feet 8 inches (1.75 m)
Actor, television producer, and businessperson by profession
United States of America nationality

Is The Brady Bunch’s Bobby paralysed?

Sam’s Butcher Shop was the location of Bobby’s first job. Bobby played baseball on a college team. He left college, though, and started driving race cars. His racing career came to an abrupt end when he crashed, paralysing him from the waist down and forcing him to use a wheelchair.

Who is the home’s owner, Christopher Knight?

The Brady boy who has entered the home decor game may not come as a surprise after all. The Christopher Knight Home brand of furniture was introduced a few years ago by Peter Brady, also known as Christopher Knight, who previously founded businesses that dealt in software, educational tools, and TV tuners.

Is there a son of Barry Williams?

Brandon Williams, Eric
Son of Barry Williams

Is there a daughter for Barry Williams?

Williams, Samantha Rose
Son of Barry Williams

Barry Williams’ wife’s identity 

Williams, Barry

Now how old is Marcia Brady?

McCormick has made peace with her TV icon status.

Marcia Brady is all grown up. Now 65, McCormick has been married to actor Michael Cummings since 1985, and they have one child together, 32-year-old Natalie Cummings.

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