Decoders, Packages, And Monthly Payments For DStv-Ghana In 2023

MultiChoice is the owner of the Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite known as DStv, or digital satellite television.

Its only objective has been to offer its users a variety of channels and television services ever since it was founded in 1995.

They primarily broadcast through their decoders, but they also offer additional packages, such as the DStv mobile app and the DStv internet option, that do not require the usage of a decoder.

The DStv mobile app is the best choice for people who are regularly on the road because it allows you to watch your favourite television shows on your phone.

Whilst the DStv internet option is for people who cannot afford the decoder.

Although the DStv decoder is more expensive than other decoders, most Ghanaians choose it since it is the most dependable means to receive a wide range of television channels.

For its subscribers, the DStv decoder offers a selection of budget-friendly bundles and low-cost subscription plans.

Depending on whether the team of experts from Dstv will be setting up and installing for you or not, the two primary decoder kinds have variable pricing.

Depending on your membership level, you would have access to a certain amount and variety of channels.

Additionally, Dstv offers the Dstv NOW service, a mobile app and website that gives users access to live TV, catch-up TV, Dstv Kids, and a variety of other services.


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1 How does the DSTV Explora Decoder work?

2 Decoder for DSTV Zapper

3 DsTV Packages in Ghana

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How Does The DSTV Explora Decoder Work?

The Dstv Explora decoder is the company’s original and top-of-the-line model. With installation and a dish, it costs between 600 and 900 Ghana cedis, or 500 Ghana cedis.

The viewer has the freedom to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities. It is possible to rewind or pause and resume a show that is currently being broadcast.

The viewer has the freedom to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities. It is possible to rewind or pause and resume a show that is currently being broadcast.

Additionally, you have the choice of downloading your preferred television shows directly to your Explora, which has roughly 220 hours of recording capacity available.

Its high-definition watching is also excellent because it gives you the real movie experience.

Decoder For DSTV Zapper

The Dstv Zapper decoder is reasonably priced, costing between 130 and 140 Ghana cedis without installation and between 190 and 210 cedis with the decoder, dish kit.

And one to two months of access. It features a large selection of television stations and a parental control option that allows guardians or parents to limit the channels that their children can view.

The cost of the aforementioned decoders varies depending on where they are purchased. Installation and setup take roughly 1-2 working days to complete after payments are received.

Ghanaian DSTV Packages

Users of Dstv can select from a variety of bundles because people’s and organisations’ preferences for the TV series and sports programmes they wish to watch are always changing. 

These bundles, which connect to multiple entertainment and discovery channels, have their own costs and parts, as indicated below:

The XtraView package is the most recent Dstv offering. With this bundle, users have the choice to simultaneously stream multiple live shows to various televisions in various rooms.

You just pay one membership cost plus an access fee for each XtraView connection for this bundle.

The linked decoders may be of any type, but the base decoder must be an Explora. Three connections are the most that the XtraView package will accept.

Package Name for Dstv Channels Price(GHS)
Package for Dstv Great Wall of Africa 7+ channels GHS 32.00
Package for DTV Access 124+ channels GHS 50.00
French Touch 5+ channels GHS 59.00
Family Dstv package 139+ channels GHS 90.00
India bouquet 15+ channels monthly at 32 Ghana cedis
Dstv Compact 165+ channels GHS 179.00
French plus DSTV 10+ channels 203 Ghana cedis
Package for Dstv Compact Plus 172+ channels GHS 265.00
Premium Dstv package 185+ channels GHS 430.00


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