Bumble Icons And Symbols Explained In 2023 With Pictures

Unsure about the significance of a specific Bumble Icon or Symbol? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. We have gathered all of the Bumble Symbols and Icons for you in one extensive page, and we will explain what they all symbolise and how to use them.

List of Bumble Symbols and Icons

This is the complete list of Bumbles app icons and symbols, including descriptions and images. Share any new ones you come across that aren’t on this list with us in the comments area, and we’ll add them to the list.

Symbolism behind the yellow heart of the Bumble Bee

The Bumble Super Swipe Yellow Heart Icon is the representation of this premium function, which can be accessed by spending one Bumbles Coin.
You can Superswipe someone by touching on their profile’s heart icon, which notifies them that you like them before they see and swipe you. According to Bumbles, the ideal Bumble profile is more likely to be matched with you.

Meaning of the Bumble Yellow dot sign

The icon you may see in your Messages screen is the yellow dot on Bumbles. Unread messages in your Bumble chat are indicated by the presence of the symbol in a profile picture.

Symbols and Icons for Bumble Circles

Around the profile images of various matches in your Bumble match queue, several Bumble circles may be seen. In the parts that follow, we’ll go through what each one means. You may see this video for a thorough explanation of these circles as well:

Meaning of Bumble Green Circle

You may see these green circles, often referred to as Admirers, adjacent to specific Bumble matches in your match queue. Green circles indicate that although you have not yet swiped these profiles, you have been right-swiped by them.
All of these profiles will only be available to Bumble Boost members. If you have a membership to Beeline, you can swipe them to the left, like them, and rapidly match with them. Only one profile’s profile photo will be visible to you if you don’t have a premium Bumble subscription, and even that one will be hidden, as seen in the illustration below:

Meaning of the Bumble Yellow Circle symbols

You will see a yellow circle encircling the profile image that is getting smaller over time when you have already matched with a profile but have not yet made the First Move.
When you match with someone on Bumble, the ladies have 24 hours to send the first message before the match vanishes from the match queue. This is known as the “First Move” feature. Guys can prolong the window in which to initiate contact by using the Extend feature.

Meaning of Bumble Red Circle

In your Bumble match queue, you could occasionally notice a red circle around the profile photographs. When you notice the red circles, you have 24 hours left to make your First Move. One hour before the contest would end, it would materialise.
The Extend option, which you may use once per day even with a free account, is ideal to utilise when you notice a red circle on Bumble and think your match is very attractive.

Blue Bumble Circle

The presence of a blue circle around the profile photographs in your match queue indicates that you have previously used the Extend option on that match and have given the profile an additional 24 hours to initiate contact.
You are not permitted to renew this Bumble match after this 24-hour time has passed. Each game may only be prolonged once. You still have the option to rematch with this profile, giving the female another chance to initiate contact with you. You must be a Bumbles Boost subscription in order to utilise Bumbles Rematch.

Icon for Bumble Pencil

On the Settings tab, look for the Bumbles Pencil icon beside your profile image. You may change your profile and add or remove your current profile images by touching on it.

Symbol for Bumble Boost: A green lightning bolt

The logo for Bumble’s sole subscription plan is a white lightning bolt on a green backdrop called the “Bumble Boost” insignia.
You may use premium Bumble features like Unlimited Swiping, Unlimited Filters, Bumble Extend, Rematch, and Beeline when you purchase a Bumble Boost membership. You may tap on this symbol on your profile page to subscribe when you want access to these features.

Spotlight Bumble Symbol

The Bumble star, also known as the Bumble Spotlight emblem, represents the premium feature Bumbles Spotlight, which is separate from the Bumbles Boost membership. As you can see, the sign is comprised of a white star on a yellow backdrop.
Your profile “skips the line” and rises to the top of the neighbourhood for 30 minutes when you utilise a Bumble Spotlight. Your profile will receive many more matches during this 30-minute period than it would during a typical period due to the increased facetime it receives. To participate in one Spotlight session, you must spend 2 Bumble coins.

Symbol with a bumble bee in it

The emblem for the premium function Bumbles Spotlight, which is not included in the Bumbles Boost membership, is the Bumbles star or the Bumbles spotlight icon. The sign is a white star on a yellow backdrop, as you can see above.
When you employ a Bumble Spotlight, your profile “skips the queue” and rises to the top of the neighbourhood profiles for 30 minutes. Due to the increased facetime your profile receives during this 30-minute period, you will receive many more matches than you would in a typical timeframe. One Spotlight session costs 2 Bumbles coins to participate in.

You can tell for sure that the photographs you see are genuine by looking for the blue checkmark on Bumbles, which signifies that the profile has verified itself there.
Do not mix the standard checkmarks, which correspond to a right swipe on a profile, with the blue checkmark, which is the indicator of a verified profile.

Checkmark and Bumble X symbols

If you don’t like swiping through profiles, you may alternatively hit the X to swipe a profile left or the checkmark to swipe a profile right.
These indicators are not visible when you only see a person’s initial profile image since only the yellow Bumble SuperSwipe star is shown on the screen. These icons won’t appear for you until you scroll down a little bit.

Official Company Logo for Bumble

Since Bumble’s first introduction in 2014, the logo has remained largely unchanged. It is a yellow logo with a design that is reminiscent of a bumblebee’s back.

brand Bumble Modes

Bumble aimed to offer each of the four modes a unique aesthetic style when it created Bumbles BFF and Bumbles Bizz to complement its well-liked dating mode and turn Bumbles into a social networking app.

Logo for Bumble Bizz

The method for establishing new professional connections is called Bumbles Bizz. You may read our in-depth post about Bumbles Bizz and how it functions to understand more about it.
The Bumble Bizz logo looks like this:

Bumble BFF emblem

Bumbles BFF, the third mode of the dating app, was developed to help people make new, platonic friendships. If you’re interested, you can read a comprehensive article on Bumbles BFF on our site.
The Bumble BFF logo appears as follows:

Symbols and Icons for Bumble

Do you believe we missed any additional Bumbles symbols or icons? Specify it in the comments section below, and we’ll include it in the post. Thanks.


What does Bumble’s in-symbol represent?

When both of you are prepared, you may join by pressing the “Night In” symbol in the bottom right corner of your conversation or, if you’re already conversing, by using video chat.

On Bumble, what does a heart inside a hexagon mean?

This is how it goes: To tell someone they stand out, tap the love icon on their profile. One Bumbles cent is required for each SuperSwipe. Several possible matches? Up to 20 Bumbles coins can be bought at once for usage right away in the app.

What does Bumble’s gender symbol mean?

After choosing a gender, a popup asking you to “Add more about your gender” will appear. You can choose from the following options if you choose Woman: transgender lady. trans woman Transfeminine.

What does the shield on Bumble signify?

Bumble’s Image The purpose of verification was initially to keep you secure and content, but the addition of the option to ask for verification gives users further assurance in every encounter. Now that you are certain that the person you are speaking to is who they claim to be, you may flirt, connect, and network with ease.

What does a green dot on Bumble indicate?

The individual has been online and active in the past 24 hours if there is a green dot next to their name. Someone wishing to engage in conversation with recently active people may find this useful.

How can you tell if someone on Bumble really likes you?

You’ll receive a notice from Bumble if someone SuperSwipes you. You may touch the notice to access your match queue, or you can always open the Bumble app or website.

Why does Bumble have a white star on him?

By pressing the link under your profile photo on the main menu page, you may individually join up for Bumble Boost, Bumble Premium, or buy SuperSwipes. Once you’ve decided which choice is best for you, go to your swipe queue and touch someone’s profile to let them know you think they stand out.

Can Bumble male users see when you see their profile?

Bumble doesn’t let users know when their profile is being seen.

How can you tell if somebody really likes you?

Open Tinder if you’ve received a Super Like notification, and start swiping to see who has Super Liked you. They might not be the first card in your stack, but soon their profile will show up with a star emblem in a vivid blue colour. Like their profile to find a match right now!

Why does this mean what it does?

The Transgender Flag emoji depicts a flag’s pink, blue, and white stripes. This particular flag is used to represent the transgender community and to express transgender pride.

What do the various gender symbols mean? 

sex and gender symbols

U+2640 Female sign

U+2642 Men’s sign

U+26A5 Men and women sign

What does the man sign mean? 

Since the 1970s, many gender symbols have been used to communicate gender politics and sexual orientation. Gay men are generally depicted by two interlocking masculine symbols, whilst lesbians are frequently represented by two overlapping female symbols.

Can you determine someone’s level of activity on Bumble?

The Bumble official added, “There isn’t a feature on the platform that lets others know if someone is currently online on the app.” But you can rest certain that anybody you see on Bumbles has been active in the previous 30 days.

Can you check Bumble to see whether someone read your message?

To put it simply, no, Bumbles doesn’t have read receipts for its messages. This means that the other user won’t be able to tell if you’ve read their message or not, and the same goes for you as well. Unlike other apps, it also doesn’t inform the other user if you take a screenshot of the chat.

What does “casual” on Bumble mean?

There are many rules and limits in casual relationships, including safe sexual practices, time spent together, and emotional closeness. When it comes to casual relationships (or dating in general, for that matter), there are no hard and fast rules; only what works for you.

What does “casual” on Bumble mean?

In a casual relationship, rules and limits may apply to safer sexual practices, the amount of time spent together, the degree of emotional closeness, or everything in between. When it comes to casual relationships (or dating in general, for that matter), there are no hard and fast rules; only what works for you.

How does Bumble determine who to show you?

Even while the bulk of the details are kept a secret, we do know that Bumbles combines your preferences, community screening, and app aspects to determine who appears in your match queue. Understanding Bumble’s algorithm may help you view more pertinent people in your stack.

What do Bumble admirers do?

As soon as a dialogue begins, they will descend into your communications. Admirers are rather unique. Because, well, you’re wonderful, these users have swiped right on your profile, but you haven’t yet done the same for them.

On Bumble, what does a yellow star signify?

Bumble’s profile has icons for cash and Super Swipes at the bottom. Instead of the traditional back-and-forth that takes place when meeting someone through an app, you may clearly show another user that you are interested in them using these coins..

Does super swiping make you nervous?

Superlikes and superswipes are sometimes thought of as shady, creepy shortcuts. Truly adoring someone you don’t know or have never met is impossible, right? Would you go up to a total stranger at a bar and tell them you love them forever? Avoid behaving in that manner.

How can I tell Bumble who swiped right on me?

Regarding This Article
A notice that someone liked you should arrive soon.
Tap the filter icon after opening Bumble.
Reach the farthest distance possible.
To identify folks who loved you at the top of the stack, close and restart the app. Did you find this article helpful? Yes No.

What is the Bumble spotlight?

It was announced today that Bumbles, Tinder’s main competitor in the dating app market, has launched a similar feature called “Boost.” By purchasing the “Spotlight” package, Tinder users can put their profiles in front of more people on Bumbles.

Do discussions on Bumble get lost?

According to the latest update, when a user unmatches with another, the match and chat will end for that user, according to a Bumbles spokesman. “The chat just goes greyed out in their Chat Screen for the person who has been mismatched with.

How does a Superswipe appear on Bumble?

The user you SuperSwiped will then see a little indicator showing you took the initiative when your profile appears on their screen. The function is comparable to the Super Like button on Tinder, which was introduced in late 2015.

Why does Bumble repeatedly display the same person?

It doesn’t appear to choose profiles based on the traits of individuals you’ve previously swiped right on. If Bumbles runs out of fresh people in your region, you’ll also probably find that the app will display you the same person repeatedly, even if you’ve already swiped left on them. The app honours “positive” conduct.

What sort of guys are on Bumble? 

3 Characteristics of the Best Bumbles Guys
They contain images or a biography that are similar to your “nonnegotiables” list.
They probe you with inquiries.
Before setting up a date, they won’t communicate for more than a day or two.
Do men on Bumbles swipe right on everyone?
Because they are aware that the person they match with is (generally) interested in them, guys swipe right consistently. It doesn’t always work, but it usually works when someone says, “I swiped right by accident or because you seem like a mate and I wanted to show him LOL.” I use Flamite, a desktop client with the ability to auto-swipe.

Today, everyone has access to “Super Like.” What does it do?

The way it operates is as follows: if you “Super Like” someone (it’s an upward swipe), they will see that you like them before choosing to swipe left (and never talk to you) or right (and begin the rest of your lives together).

Today, “Super Like” is available to everyone. How does it work? 

It works as follows: if you “Super Like” someone, they will notice that you like them before deciding whether to swipe left (and never talk to you) or right (and begin the rest of your lives together).
What should one do if they unintentionally super like so

What do you do if you unintentionally fall in love with someone?

A Super Like that has gone rogue can be eliminated in one method. You may use a function called “Rewind” to erase your most recent swipe and change your mind about someone’s profile if you pay for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold (which are not free).

The meaning of the emoji is:

The sign of Cancer, a constellation and one of the 12 zodiac signs in astrology, is represented by the Cancer emoji. It frequently serves as a metaphor for Cancer, Cancer-born individuals, and astrology in general. Astrologers consider those who were born between June 21 and July 22 to be under the sign of Cancer.

What does the meaning of two female emojis mean?

a representation of two female signs that is used to imply feminine homosexuality. In 2005, the Doubled Female Sign was authorised for inclusion in Unicode 4.1.

Can you check Bumbles to see whether someone read your message?

Simply explained, Bumbles communications do not contain read receipts. This implies that neither you nor the other user will be able to determine if you have read or not read their communication. Additionally, unlike other applications, it doesn’t let the other user know if you screenshot a chat.

Can you determine someone’s level of activity on Bumble?

It isn’t possible to tell if someone is currently online on the app on Bumbles, according to a Bumbles official.” But you can rest certain that anybody you see on Bumbles has been active in the previous 30 days.

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