8 Simple Fixes for a Comcast Xfinity Modem/Router That Is Blinking White

Wait for Xfinity to recover data, restarting/resetting the router, changing the software, or double-checking the cables and connections will all stop your Xfinity router from glowing white. You will need to contact Comcast support if none of those solutions work.

I’m Jon, a pro at network equipment, and with my own Comcast router, I’ve had a variety of flashing light issues. To assist you, I created this guide.

Learn how to resolve the white light on your Comcast Xfinity modem/router that is blinking in the following paragraphs.

What Does a White Blinking Light Mean on an Xfinity Router?

An Xfinity router’s flickering white light indicates that the connection is constantly being dropped. An unstable connection can be brought on by a number of factors, including a weak Wi-Fi signal, a significant power loss, or a loose Ethernet cable.

It might also mean that the router is not turned on.

The white LED on certain more recent Xfinity routers has a hint of purple tint. Therefore, you’re in the right area if your white blinking light has a purple tint.

But bear in mind that your router’s various coloured lights indicate various things.

How to Correct the White Blinking Brightness on Your Xfinity Router

Below are a few possible solutions if you notice a blinking white light when troubleshooting your Comcast router:

#1 Find a Service Outage

Always check for service interruptions in your region before tinkering with your router. Go to the Service Status Center after signing into your Xfinity account to accomplish this.

All you can do during an outage is wait for service to resume. You will not have access to your Comcast’s Internet service in the interim. If you absolutely must be online, though, you might be able to use a mobile hotspot from your smartphone.

#2 Turn on the router.

If you just signed up for Comcast Xfinity, your router might not be activated, which can cause a white blinking light to appear.

The gadget will then be operational after you give them the MAC-ID in that situation. Call 855-652-3446 or use this link to enroll it online or over the phone.

#3 Verify Your Cables

Your Ethernet cable should be checked next if there isn’t a service interruption and your modem is turned on. Your Xfinity router’s light may be blinking white because it is either loose or improperly plugged in.

Check the connections for the coaxial cables on the back of your router/modem as well (or modem).

If you have different devices, you can resolve this by unplugging and replugging the Ethernet connection that connects your modem and router. To rule out a faulty cable as the issue, you could also wish to test a new Ethernet cable.

#4 Reset the modem and/or router.

Try rebooting the modem/router if the white blinking light on your Xfinity router is still there. Wait a few seconds before unplugging the router’s power cord from the back. After that, reconnect the cable and waiting for the router to turn back on.

Test and see if the brightness is still flickering white after the device has rebooted..

#5 Firmware updates for routers

Your Xfinity router may have a firmware issue if you’ve tried everything listed over and it’s still blinking white. Your router’s firmware is the programme that enables it to connect to the internet.

Log into your Xfinity router to update the firmware. Next, look for settings on your router in the list of devices.

Click Update Router Firmware in the router’s settings. If a new version of the firmware is available, Comcast will instal it for you immediately.

#6 Look at the device logs.

Examining the device logs is another technique to determine what the problems might be. These can occasionally display the issues the device is experiencing along with their causes. 

Log into your device and go to the “log tab” to check them. Just be aware that they can prevent you from seeing them if you rent a gateway from Xfinity.

#7 the router, reset

It will remove all of your customized settings, so before you reset the router, make a backup of any settings you want to save.

You can log into your router’s admin page to reset your Xfinity router. In the list of devices, locate your router, and click the gear icon to the right of it.

Click Reset Router in the router’s settings. Your router will now be reset to factory defaults by Comcast.

By depressing and holding the reset button on the back of the router for 10 seconds, you can easily reset your router.

After the router has been reset, you can start over when configuring it. To make your connection secure, be sure to pick a strong password for your Wi-Fi network.

#8 The Xfinity Customer Service number

It’s time to call Comcast for assistance if you’ve tried everything listed above and your Xfinity router is still having issues. To investigate the issue, they might have to send a technician to your home.

You can call 1-800-XFINITY or use the Comcast website to contact customer care.


Your Comcast Xfinity router has a shaky connection if it blinks white (or even bright purple). You can use the advice given above to solve it.

However, if none of them work, you should seek assistance from Comcast customer support. A technician will be dispatched to fix it if they are unable to do so remotely.

Which of the aforementioned solutions fixed your white-blinking Xfinity router?

You can upgrade your Comcast-provided router if you’re sick of continuously troubleshooting it. For more suggestions, see our guide here.

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