2022 Prices For Franko Trading’s Phones

Franko Trading Enterprise is known as the source of all high-quality smartphones for a reason. As one of the top sellers of gadgets and smartphones in the nation.

The electronics store has made a name for itself.

Most of their customers are happy with their service because they have a high delivery rate and one of the best pricing in Ghana for smartphones.

When compared to other phone stores in Ghana, Fraiko Phones offers the most recent models of smartphones from well-known manufacturers like Infinix.

Huawei, Samsung, Tecno, Apple iPhone, etc. for considerably less money.


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1 List of phones and their prices from Franko Trading

2 The following is a list of smartphones available by Franko Phones.:

2.1 Infinix price list for Franko phones

2.2 Price list for Franko phones at Itel

2.3 Ghanaian prices for Tecno phones trader franko

2.4 Pricing for Huawei phones at Franko phones

2.5 Prices for iPhones at Franko Trading Enterprise

2.6 Price of Nokia phones at Franko Trading in Ghana

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List Of Phones From Franko Trading And Their Prices

At Frinko, purchasing a phone is now as simple as it may seem. You can check price lists or browse for any phone you want to buy at Frank Trading Enterprise using its new online store.

However, it takes a lot of time to browse the entire site to choose your chosen smartphone. Because of this.We have included a list of some phones from Frinko Trading Enterprise, along with their costs, in today’s guide.

You May Get The Following Smartphones From Franko Phones:

Infinix price list for Franko phones

Infinix mobile  Price
The Infinix Smart 5 (32GB) GHS 775.00
The Infinix Smart 6 (32GB) GHS 735.00
The Infinix Smart 4 (16GB) GHS 485.00
The Infinix Hot 11 Play (128GB) GHS 920.00
The Infinix Hot 11 (128GB) GHS 1035.00
The Infinix Hot 12 (64GB) GHS 990.00
The Infinix Smart Note 12 (128GB) GHS 1490.00
The Infinix Smart 6 (32GB) GHS 735.00
The Infinix Smart 6 Plus (32GB) GHS 815.00
The Infinix S5 Lite (64GB) GHS 885.00
The Infinix zero X (128GB) GHS 1860.00
The Infinix Note 11 (64GB) GHS 1060.00
The Infinix Hot 8 (32GB) GHS 655.00
The Infinix Hot 9 (32GB) GHS 820.00

Price list For Franko Phones At Itel

Phone Price
The itel 2160 GHS 80.00
The Itel 2173 GHS 80.00
The itel 58 Pro (32GB) GHS 640.00
The itel A58 GHS 560.00
The itel A33 Plus (16GB) GHS 400.00
The itel S17 (16GB) GHS 600.00

Ghanaian Prices For Tecno Phones Trader Franko

Tecno mobile Prices
The Tecno Pop 6 (32GB) GHS 660.00
The Tecno spark 8C (64GB) GHS 830.00
The Tecno Pop 5 (32GB) GHS 750.00
The Tecno spark 8p (128GB) GHS 1260.00
The Tecno Camon 18P (128GB) GHS 1580.00
The Tecno Phantom X (265GB) GHS 3100.00
The Tecno Camon 11 (64GB) GHS 800.00
The Tecno Camon 12 (64GB) GHS 830.00

Prices For Huawei Phones At Franko Phones

Huawei mobile prices
The Huawei Nova 8I (128GB) GHS 2350.00
The Huawei Nova 9 (128GB) GHS 3490.00
The Huawei Y9A (128) GHS 1930.00
The Huawei Y5P (32GB) GHS 750.00

Prices For IPhones At Franko Trading Enterprise

iPhone prices
The iPhone 13 pro (128GB) GHS 8700.00
The iPhone 11 (128GB) GHS 4850.00
The iPhone 12 (128GB) GHS 5920.00

Price Of Nokia Phones At Franko Trading In Ghana

Nokia mobile prices
The Nokia G21 (128GB) GHS 1270.00
The Nokia C21 (32GB) GHS 720.00
The Nokia T20 (64GB) GHS 1490.00
The Nokia G10 (64GB) GHS 910.00
The Nokia X 10 (128GB) GHS 2000.00
THe Nokia C30 (64GB) GHS 935.00



FraThe NokiFrinko Trading company has made a name for itself as one of the top suppliers of smartphones in the nation by offering amazing discounts to its clients.

Get a top-notch smartphone by visiting any Frinko Phones location nationwide.
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