10 Facts About the Rebel Alliance

10 facts about the Rebel Alliance that you may not be aware of

One of the main organisations from which the mean heroes of the Star Wars story sprang was the Rebel Alliance.

Consider Jyn Erso, Andors, Saw, and our favourite, K-2SO from Rogue One, as well as Leia, Bail Organa, Wedge, and Admiral “It’s a trap Ackbar.”

You might not be aware of these facts about the Alliance.

  • One of the early founders of the Alliance was Mon Mothma, who appeared briefly in Return of the Jedi and was more prominent in Rogue One. Naturally, this was in response to Emperor Palpatine’s proclamation by Chancellor Palpatine.
  • Organa Bail and Mon Mothma were seen speaking with Padme about forming an alliance in the deleted sequences from The Revenge of the Sith.
  • Following in the deep steps of her adopted father, Bail Organa, Leia is the Alliance’s commander in A New Hope.
  • It has been said that Palpatine personally advocated for the formation of the Alliance. This was a brilliant Machiavellian move since it offered him another valid target for the Empire to attack after the Clone Wars. This would help the Emperor appear to be safeguarding his subjects as required by his position (so to speak).
  • The common epithet that Imperialists used to refer to Alliance members was “rebel slime.” It brings to mind the Troubles in Ireland.


  • The “Starbird,” which is often referred to as a rising Phoenix, is the name of the Rebel Alliance’s emblem. It was approved in honour of Galen Marek’s contributions to the Alliance’s founding. It was originally the family crest for the Mareks. Galen from Rogue One is not to be confused with this name. This very likely implies that the original justification for the alliance sign is no longer valid, but I’m sticking with it until George Lucas personally contacts me to clarify.
  • Following the Alliance’s discovery of the Death Star, Princess Leia organised a military operation to capture the battle station’s blueprints. Operation Skyhook was the name of the operation. It was a failure, and that failure serves as A New Hope’s opening scene. Or did it not work? Rogue One is based on this particular section of the tale.
  • Following the departure of the Alliance from the planet Hoth, the Rebels adopted a more mobile strategy and utilised Admiral Ackbar’s flagship, the Home One, as their base of operations.
  • The Alliance’s victory against the Empire at the Battle of Endor signalled the end of the Empire since Palpatine had passed away. In response, the Alliance underwent a difficult reorganisation to become the New Republic and began to push for a more democratic union of planets.
  • The Rebels led by Commander Leia Organa are no longer referred to as rebels; instead, they are the Resistance in The Force Awakens.
  • Keep a lookout for it on many of the pilots’ helmets to locate the Alliance’s badge or symbol, which is frequently shown in movies. In The Last Jedi, the flames created the following sign as the tree burned:
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